Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How to sew a circle pocket.

Usually when I do something on my blog I spend time editing the photos. The computer that I was using to do this on has decided it will not work anymore so I am left being able to do only the simplest editing so please forgive my photos. It is hard to see the drawn lines, sorry. 

When I made a skirt with a circle pocket I was asked how I did it, here's how...

First find a cup that the wearer of the garment can put their hand into. Draw around the brim on to the wrong side of pocket lining. I drew straight onto the fabric though you should make a pattern on paper if you are doing it properly.

 Mark 1 inch from the top and two sides. Join the three marks to create a larger semi circle.
 Mark 3 1/2 inches lower on the bottom side. Join so the outer circle becomes egg shaped. 

Cut around the outer egg on your lining fabric. Cut another egg shape from the fabric you want to see on the finished garment.

Pin right side of pocket lining to right side of the garment. Sew around the circle.

Trim 1cm on the inside of the circle. Snip/ notch around the stitch line. Each snip is around 1cm apart.

Fold the lining through the hole to the wrong side of the hole. Iron.

Top stitch the hole.

Pin the other egg to the lining.

Sew and finish the outer edge.

And there you have it Here is my circle pocket. I'll show you the skirt it goes into in a couple of days...