Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sound of music curtain clothes

Do you remember this scene from the sound of music?
Louisa's dress
Marta and Gretels dress.

I love the sound of music and have watched it so many times that I can probably quote about half of it. This is when Maria has made all the children matching clothes out of curtains.

Anyway, this Christmas my sister is bringing her family to join us from England. That means there will be 8 Adults and 8 kids spending a lot of time together. We only see my sisters kids every couple of years so all the cousins will have to go through a warming up period where they will have to adjust.

My other sister and I have come up with a plan for them all.We are going to give them the sound of music treatment. Last year I bought 10 meters of christmas fabric and over the last few weeks I have been making up a set of clothes. Yay- the oldest child is only 9 so they won't be too horrified, hopefully they will even think it is cool? Maybe not but it will be fun.

This is the skirt for Miss 3 the youngest of us all. My photo's don't do it justice. It has 4 bias strips through which you can pull up ribbons to gather itprincess style with a little frill around the bottom.

Miss 4 will be sporting a double row of pleats set off by this charming ribbon that all the girls have.

Mr 5 is the first of the boys, this is the back view and can I say my favourite, I love the Christmas light appliqué and was very excited to find gold thread that was not itchy.

The first Mr 6 is Santa inspired.

The second Mr 6's appliqué is also only visible from behind and mighty cute when modelled (sadly the model was at school when the photo's were taken.).

Mr 7 who turns 8 on Christmas day. His are feeling a tad plain I may just add something before Christmas.... Not sure what though.

And my final picture is of Miss 8. I have shown you this before. It is specially designed to sit on her hips where she thinks it should definitely be worn.

I am missing a picture of Mr 9's shorts, they have a charming Christmas tree on one side- they have been taken away ready to be worn at the school Christmas concert.

So there you have it our sound of Music Christmas is nearing, they all have a t-shirt to go with these new bottoms monogrammed in Christmas fabric. I'm just trying to decide weather there should be anything else in these packages, maybe some clips for the girls, but for the boys.... Any suggestions?


  1. I LOVE Sound of Music too!!!! Your sewing projects turned out great! the trim on the skirt with the scalloped hem!!!??? How hard was that?
    Your pretty talented Missy!

    1. It just had to be done :-) I think I am on sewing overdrive at the moment.

  2. I love Louisa and Marta's dresses. I just rewatched the movie and would love to make those dresses since I'm expecting a little girl soon. Where did you find the patterns?

    1. Sorry Jen I do not actually have the patterns for the girls dresses. They do have some on this website though: