Friday, 30 May 2014

The Octonauts go costal.

So this month I took part in the Handmade Kids Clothing Swap twice over. To be honest I thought I only signed up once but since to be in it twice you needed to fill in the forms twice I must have changed my mind at some point. I am rather glad that I did because it pushed me and I love a chance to be creative.

The challenge for this swap was for a little boy who loves cars and Oconauts. I have to say I jumped at the chance to go to Octonauts, my boys loved them when they were in preschool so I had fond memories.

 I did a little stalking of my swapee (looked at her pinterest boards) to find out what she liked. I stumbled over the costal cargos there and immediately thought that was it...

Of course they look a little different from the originals. But I do think they scream Octonauts.

Instead of using bias tape I found some great octonauts ribbon. I also added some button hole elastic as the little lad I was making them for was tiny and I think it makes sizing that bit easier.

 I didn't add a lot of the details of the pattern namely with welt and cargo pockets because I thought they were busy enough especially after I added the octo alert knee patches. There is not an episode of that show that goes by without them needing to sound the octo alert. So I appliqued and used buttons to great effect I think, even though at the time I was a bit annoyed about the need of 8 legs.

So here are the lovely octo costal pants... 
Hope he likes them as much as we do.


  1. You are a superstar Bell! My little guy didn't stop pressing his "octoalerts" from the time he put them on this afternoon til it was time for bed! Thank you SO much!!

    1. I hope all the emergencies he was attending were minor :-)

  2. This is awesome Bell! You did such a great job. I just read your comment about the accidently signing up twice thing! Ops!

    By the way I have made a little linky thing on my blog for the swap if you feel like joining in :) Jen x