Friday, 30 May 2014

Skirts across the Tasmin.

I took part in a Handmade Kids Clothing Swap this month for which I have sent some skirts across the Tasmin. I only have a photo of one but it was by far the most exciting. I like trying new techniques and this seemed like a good opportunity when my swapee just wanted a surprise.

My aim was to combine pretty girly with winter and I came up with this. Corduroy with a lighter weight floral. The photo's of the whole skirt are rather washed out but it is all in the details anyway. A circle pocket. It looks awesome if I may say myself even if it is only big enough for small treasures.

The other fun feature using corduroy for bias. It was an experience being so bulky but it gives the bottom of the skirt a lovely weight which will hopefully make it sit nicely.

The one frustrating part of this swap is I did not have a child that was the same size whom I could try it on and see how it fits/ looks so I have to be patient. Mum always talks about how she wanted to call me Patience (a family name of ours) as it might have been the only patience I ever got... I may give up and make another of my daughter instead of waiting we both thought it looked pretty.


  1. The skirt is gorgeous! I love those two fabrics together. And the pocket! How did you make a circle pocket?

    1. Hi Jenya I just added a post to show you how to add a circle pocket. Hope it makes sense.