Sunday, 25 May 2014

Pokemon jacket time.

Have you ever met Ash? 

He is the little boy from Pokemon for those not in the know. 

I have a nephew who loooooves Pokemon at the moment and as we are going to see him soon I have been busy. Annoyingly Ash changes what he wears every new game that is released...

So this is the Ash I chose. The black and white version.

And drum roll please... we have my version. I have gone long sleeves as I made it for winter, lined with polar fleece for warmth and I'm really sorry about giving a little boy white clothes but it had to be done (but I am glad it won't be me washing it.).

I used the Blank Slate Study Hall Jacket and played around with the details. I got to have fun working out the piping and how to divide the pattern to add multiple colours and how to do the kangaroo pocket.

 I have to say I am so glad the pattern is fantastic. I was probably a bit silly to use a pattern I have never used before but it looked like it would be perfect. It did sew up a little on the small side, thankfully my nephew is also a little on the small side so it should fit well.

So there you have it, our oh so cute Pokemon jacket.


  1. Wow! This jacket looks a-maze-ing!! I'm sure your nephew will love it! I'm thinking about attempting some sort of Captain Barnacles get up for my boy soon ;)

    1. Thanks Nat, I recommend giving it a go it looks adoreable.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jenya. I can't wait to see my nephew.