Monday, 21 April 2014

A new nightie for winter

Want to see our new winter nightie? 

This is it.
 Imagine finding a pattern on which I can use flannelette and not have buttons. That is what makes our house a happier place. My little girl hates to be hot, cold, have tight things, buttons, lumps or anything else she can think to complain about instead of going to sleep. This is the Shortie Nightie from GYCT and we have worn it every night since I made it (almost a month ago now)...

The front and back view. 
An easy sew that is perfect for those in between seasons. You can make it sleeveless too for summer out of cotton and add bloomers if you want.

It has been ages since I got such lovely happy photos when wanting them after something I sewed...

I think teddy helped, he has had to join the jammies each night in bed since I made them. I have since made two more and have plans with my niece to let her have a go at making them latter on these holidays. So not so tricky and comfortable to wear.

Also I know you may need the link to the giveaway again, so here you go:

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