Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A long time no blog

It has been a very long time since I last blogged. A lot of sickness followed by a huge holiday to Fiji followed by more sickness and suddenly I find myself frantically busy as I try to keep up this silly season. I got some sewing posts ready just after we got back from Fiji. We were going for a wedding and that included me making so much. Most of the clothes we took was Mummy made. It felt really good to be able to do it and now for the rest of the summer I have clothes for the kids I am proud of.

I have three posts of the clothes I made but I am not going to tell you about them till I get up to them :-)

This is number one. I be fair I made it a couple of years ago but only now does it fit. It is from a book called designer smocking and I love it.

Now that it fits it is beautiful. I love all the details in it like the extra rosebuds on the straps and on the buttons. Overall a big success if not very sun safe.

Then there are these ultra cuts shorts.They are the Oliver + S class picnic shorts. You can tell our weather here before we left was very cold by the accompanying shirt but if you can ignore that you can see the cuteness.
I love how old fashioned these clothes are. I can imagine my mum putting them on me when I was growing up and that just seems nice. My daughter loved these also because they are floral and practical.

Okay, I did not just make clothes for my daughter I also made some for my cheeky boys.

This is my lad modelling. I love these pants. They were a lot of work but I finished them. They are Blank Slate's Costal Cargo's. I made two pairs with different fabric and they couldn't have looked more different. The boys really like wearing them and so far they have withstood the wear test :-).

Of course it wasn't just the pants. Their Dad always wears a shirt over his t-shirt and I thought it would be ultra cute if the boys copied him with a tropical feel. This is a sample of some of the shirts that we made them (my Mum made some and together we got a little carried away). There were 10 shirts. This is just a few. They came from a book Vintage Style for Kids. Things never seem to go according to plan from this book. I always seem to need to tweak something. This time it was the length of the shirts. My boys are an average size but these have had an extra inch to the length.

So this is the start. Hopefully everything is running smoothly for me and I will bring you the next installment soon...


  1. Welcome back, Bella! You have been super busy. I just adore the smocked top!!!

    1. Thanks Pam, that is actually one of the fastest smocked projects I have ever undertaken :-)