Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fiji clothes including wedding fare.

Okay look at me two days in a row...
Knowing we were going to be swimming so much I had a go at swimmers. This is probably the third style I have tried making and oh they have turned out cute. I asked for this fabric for my birthday as postage is huge and I have to say I love them (the swimmers) and it (the fabric).

The swimmers I got from Dana at Made. They wear really well but most definitely require lining. We made a pale pink pair which are the favorites even though they look a strange brown colour after being covered with mud at our trip to the hot springs.

The next is just a skirt that we will definitely grow into... I tried a pleated bottom thinking it would look like it had a petticoat underneath. It doesn't look like that but it does look pretty.


This is the thing that took me months to make. It has this much smocking on the front ant the back. It is also completely see through so all the finishes have to be perfect. That means french seams, cunningly hidden tails of ribbon embroidery and hand made silk bias wherever a french seam would not fit. This dress came from a Australian Embroidery and Smocking magazine and is called Tatiana. Because I used chiffon I had to change all the finishes but it does look fairly close to the original...

This was when it was getting close to being finished.

 And here we have my first ever flower girl dress. I was so proud to be trusted with this. My poor little girl was unwell and didn't want to be left alone much that day but she did manage to carefully place frangipani flowers up the isle before she required mummy cuddles.

Beautiful setting, beautiful wedding and if I may say so myself beautiful flower girl dress.

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