Monday, 27 May 2013

Sewing with my boys.

So the other day I went shopping and came home with a bundle of fabric and could not wait to start sewing but thought that I would need to wait for the kids to go to bed as I was feeling guilty about the time it would take but then it occurred to me. Why couldn't my sewing time also be time I spent with my kids. Back at Christmas my boys used the sewing machine for the fist time on pillowcases. This time we went a bit further and mad sleep pants...

The boys pinned the pattern in place and then cut it out. (I got new scissors that worked for them. Last time we had to use embroidery scissors as they were the only ones I owned that they could get to work on material.) 

This is the first pair finished. He would not try them on until bed time as they were pajamas :-).

I don't have any more photo's of the process as I was too busy hovering. Can you imagine 6 year olds around a sewing machine and a overlocker (serger). I was always ready to pull hands out of the way (and the odd pair of pants when control was not at it's greatest.) The greatest issue was occasionally they turned to talk to me and as they did down the foot on the pedal would go.

They both did really really well. Lots of lovely straight seams and the overlocking is mostly not over the top of sewing. The only bit they did not do was around the hem. That little circle just a bit to tricky to handle when you have the pressure of a Mum leaning over you saying keep your fingers away from the needle (again and again.)

Now this lad of mine did want to model his and a prouder little boy you could not find. I think they turned out great. And I love that for a change I was able to find patterned flannelette that is not just for little boys without having to resort to camouflage. I love this cowboy pattern and the animals on checks.

So there you have it. In the end it was lovely to spend time with my boys sewing, it has to be one on one when a machine is involved which made it a really special experience. At the end the boys could not be more proud of what they made and I think everyone who has visited our house since has had to admire their handiwork...

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  1. That's awesome, they should be very proud of their pajamas :)