Sunday, 31 March 2013

Something for me.

So I made something for myself. It took a bit to have a photo taken, I never get my photo taken but the first thing my husband asked when I showed him the dress was ask do you want a photo for your blog? Well I guess I do then thought I. 

I love the feel of this dress and it looks pretty good I think. It was very intimidating though. I measured as a size 20... When I go shopping I go to buy a 14 so I almost did not go ahead and make it but I love the look on the pattern and thought it should be so nice. I don't trust the pattern either. I ended up making what they said I was then took it in, then took it in again. But I still do like it. I think I will make it again but next time I will do without the added 4 layers of fabric around the waist, I think you need to be more of a stick to make that work. So there you have it, a dress for me.


This is what the kiddles have been busily up to. Potions. They have been very fun and very messy. I found some cool potion kits over at elise marley and my daughter and I had to have a go. She usualy has at least 10 potions brewing around the garden so this had to be fun. We have refilled the ingredients about 5 times so far. We have four essential ingredients from the list:
Unicorn tears- Glitter water and food colouring
Vampire spit- Vinegar
Powdered vampire bone- Bi carb soda
Snail guts- slime in oil

Last time we added a bunch of out of date sprinkles and they went very quickly. Hours of cooperative fun is what we have had from this great crafty activity :-)


  1. You are FAST - and your new dress looks very nice on you.

    1. I really felt like sewing and the long weekend beckoned, what can I say :-). Thanks.