Friday, 29 March 2013

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So it's about time I told you how I did in my entries into the Canberra and Sydney Royal Easter Shows. I must say my results are consistent, I got highly commended's in both. To be honest I am not over the moon but I am quietly happy. Next year I want to start earlier so I can be happier with the articles that I enter (that may not change my results but that is not the important thing is it?)...

Any way I don't have photos of the dress I entered in the Royal (I sent it off before I remembered) but my niece was kind enough to model my Canberra entry for me.

Do you remember this dress?

It is Canberras centenary this year so I used a 100 year old pattern and if I may be honest it really pushed me to my limits. The language used in the pattern all required more thinking about and translations i.e. the fabric under the waist is all plaited, which in modern day speak is pleated. There was also the bare minimum in explanations that left me to create using the picture to try and get things to work.

I have never been so happy to make a muslin, I was making mistakes all over the place, I didn't recognise the symbol for place on a fold when cutting. I also had pins sticking out all over the place from the pattern, It looked like a porcupine and I am still not sure what some of them were meant to do. It would be much easier the next time around but I am not planning another any time soon.

Not wanting to make another one mostly stems from the change in fashions and practicality. It is the kind of dress that fits where it touches, on the shoulders... It definitely would not matter how round a child you had...

It is very pretty though and having a petticoat is really sweet. I can imagine making the petticoat into a summer dress. I don't have photo's of the petticoat but it has blue splice (v shaped section down the middle) and came with very few instructions.

It is fun picturing relatives wearing this dress and I think it will get a bit of wearing being a historical replica.


  1. AMAZING, Bella!!! You've done a fabulous job recreating this dress. I love it!!!