Monday, 21 January 2013

Library Bags

I made library bags for my boys when they started preschool 2 years ago and at the end of last year we decided that they were ready for new ones. Here are my cute little fellows with their Octonauts bags.

When it came to crunch time the boys wanted bags with Trashies on them and I have been dreading making them. Yesterday however I was hit by inspiration. A while ago we got some crayons that you use to draw on fabric then you iron it and it is there to stay. Armed with said crayons I traced Trashie outline for the boys and they coloured them in. I was left with minimal appliqué and as a result could finish them in one day.

Pam blogged a library bag pattern the other day so I used her measurements instead of making them up and here are our new bags.

Exhibit A is a space Alley Trashie.

Exhibit B is called Putrid Pizza (Interestingly school colours were chosen for the fabric choices)

At the fabric shop the boys just finished selecting their fabric when little Miss asked for some to. I was about to say she really didn't need one when I realised she does, my littlest is starting pre-school this year. So her choice of brown fabric (I imagine there will be very little bonding with other kids over that favourite colour), and a Littlest Petshop design.

I am actually very impressed with how they turned out, being able to finish 3 including artwork in one day when all 3 kids were at home, a miracle. And now these bags are done and the school year can almost commence, well except for the school bag that needs making and the books that will need covering once they arrive and the clothes that need labelling and...and...and.


  1. Great idea & the colouring looks very effective.

  2. What a BRILLIANT idea to draw pictures and have the kids colour them in with fabric crayons. This gives the kids ownership of their bags and they'll be able to say they made them themselves. They look FABULOUS, too. I love how you've used the same colour for the pictures and the bands at the top. Pink and brown is a great fabric combination!!! Would you mind if I use one of these photos in a future post featuring your library bags, of course linking back to this post?

    1. It would be a pleasure Pam.

    2. Here's the link, Bella...