Sunday, 20 January 2013

Christmas sewing

So I have been so busy for so long that I haven't posted for ages and ages. I thought I would do a recap of our Christmas from the sewing point of view before I get started on the sewing that is to come :-) 

So the first view is of my sound of music clothes on the kids. I worked really well very happy :-)

Next up you can see the three girls in their smocked nighties during a traditional bedtime story by their grandfather.

Here are my nieces in their Christmas day dresses that I gave them They looked ever so sweet- (Have discovered that I have no pictures of my own little girl in her special Christmas day dress).

My final picture I could not resist. My lads made pillow cases for their grand parents this year. They did the fabric selection, cutting and sewing which was very exciting and appreciated by all. Anyway this is a picture of the cutting stage- they could not seem to make the scissors work with any reliability in their little hands (they do much better on paper). As a result they got to use my overlocker for the first time- fun times had by all...

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