Thursday, 31 January 2013

Pride and prejudice

This year I have decided to enter the Sydney Royal Easter Show. I just really want to prove to myself that my sewing is good enough. My Mum used to enter whilst I was growing up and I thought her sewing was beyond anything I could aspire to and now I think maybe I could do it. So this year is my year. I have entered a child's garment and am staying away from the smocking. 

My plan is a dress for my littlest darling to wear for her birthday. Unfortunately she has once again requested a brown dress but I think brown compliments other colours well so all may not be lost. 

I just love the BBC Pride and Prejudice. I love the book, the era and some of the clothes and being the 200 year anniversary of the novel...

I want to adapt the Jacket that Elizabeth is wearing in this photo. It has a really interesting sleeve, well in fact it has three and I can see a beautiful dress in the making if I can only pull it off.

So far the first sleeve has taken me 2 attempts with varying patterns, the second sleeve was more troublesome it took me six attempts with pattern adaptions and the third only four. That's twelve different trials just for the sleeve. Never has it taken me so long to get something right and I am thankful I decided to trial it on random fabric that I had plenty of. It is also proving a little troublesome in that I need to make it in a size 5 and I only have a four year old and a couple of six year old's.

Hopefully I can show you some of my work in a couple of weeks :-)

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