Friday, 23 November 2012

Computer bag

Okay so I think I have made an awesome present... My niece is turning 18 in a couple of days and next year will be heading off to university. So this is what I did for her...

She does quite a lot of drawing so I borrowed one of her pictures (she doesn't know this yet but will after her birthday- I figure that it is not stealing her intellectual rights as I am giving all the fabric to her in the gift), uploaded it onto Spoonflower and got some printed on canvas to make a computer bag for next year. It worked really well and I think the canvas will wear really well.

This is the fabric version of her rendition of Peppermint Butler. She had a lot of artwork to choose from but this was my hubbys choice.

So this is the bag. I got the pattern from sew liberated. It is the first thing I have made from the book and definitely won't be the last. I worked out just like it was meant to.

I changed the wadding that padded the original for polar fleece as that is what I had in the cupboard. It seems nice and soft and I think it will do the trick.

There is plenty of space inside for laptop and note book as most modern uni students I am sure lug around.

And finally the back view. I only ordered a fat quarter from Spoonflower as I had not settled on a pattern but thought it would work best as an accent. I wish I could draw so I could design my own fabric more often.

Hope she likes it as much as I do...


  1. Oh that fabric made me smile! Super cute!!

  2. Love it! Wow Bella such a gorgeous and thoughtful gift. She will love it I am certain!

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