Saturday, 4 August 2012

Trashie party

Yesterday marked the end of my party season and I am thankful for it. I love organising parties and baking and making them special and memorable for my kids but I am happy to now be able to go back to normal life. I long to sew again. We gave the boys scooters and they have been on them every chance they have.

Before you read on for the uninitiated- Trashies. Trashies are soft squishy toys that come in little orange garbage cans. They are quite horrid really and meant to live in garbage bins. My boys adore them and so do a most of their friends- as such the theme of our party was Trashies.

 The boys decided that their cake should be a trashie castle. Jaspers inspiration was that it needed to be like an island surrounded by jelly as water.

 We had garbage bin gingerbread.

 Worms in dirt. 
Oreo crumbs and jelly worms on iced sugar biscuits.

Chocolate lollipops- these were fun but time consuming. 

Finally macarons this time I tried choc mint and violet with white choc.  
The choc mint were very yummy and the kids adored them.I am not as committed to the violet, more of an adult flavour though my hubby thinks they are the best flavour I have made yet.

Now my boys are 6 now and have embarked on sleeping on bunks. Life is very exciting and there is a lot more room in their room for playing :-)

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