Friday, 10 August 2012

Sewing plans

Today everything seems to be coming together. I received my schedule for next years Canberra show and I received the pattern I ordered to make for the show and my Mum has gotten on a plane on her way back to Australia. My Mum is a crucial part of the puzzle as the patterns instructions seem somewhat cryptic to me and I know she will be able to make sense of them. Quite apart from the fact that I have just plain missed her.

Next year Canberra is celebrating it's centenary and as such there will be quite a bit of focus on 1913. So I found myself a very cool website, past patterns, and got an appropriate pattern from the era. It was around the turn of the century but I figure it world still be around in 1913.
How pretty is it! I now need to find just the right fabric. There is another problem apart from the cryptic instructions, it is meant to fit a size 10 child and I don't have any to those around. Sigh, I am going to be very clever...

I am going to try and finish it early so I can embroider lots of bluebells on it- Canberra's floral emblem- so I can really hammer my use of the theme home.

What do you think? I can't wait to get started.


  1. Look forward to seeing what you do with the pattern. It's a very pretty style!!!

  2. There's always Lucas, if desperate...

    1. I am sure he would enjoy the dress:-) it does say you can do different sizes but does not really explain it very much... Bring on Mum :-)