Sunday, 12 August 2012


We are going on a little escape down to the coast in a fortnight and I took it as an excuse to make a new sun dress. It is currently still so 'warm' here that we need the fire each night to stay warm so I may be stretching things :-).

I wanted to try some pintucks after I found some adorable dresses on pintrest. I didn't realise how long it takes to make pintucks, if I thought about it I would have realised but I just launched into my project without any planning. But I like how they give you a tighter bodice and more flair for the skirt.

Here is the simple pintucked bodice. 

My method was: Get fabric, pintuck it, make a tube, cut armholes, bind, hem, make button holes, done. 

I think it only took around an hour to make after I finally finished the pin tucks.

 Sweet little hem, made a little fancier with lace.

 I was going to put buttons on but I really like the tie a knot look and it should grow with her so much easier. The knot method makes me feel very lazy though.

She wanted to wear it straight away and it really did not look as bad as I thought it would with a long sleeved top underneath...


  1. Gorgeous Bella! I haven't tried pintucking but you make it sound easy!

    1. The pintucking was not that hard, a lot of time spent with the iron and my ruler, but it felt like it took such a long time :-)

  2. Sweet little dress!!! The pintucks look great.

  3. That is a lovely dress! I'm excited to have you join our Fab Fold Challenge. What are you thinking about making????
    Ricochet and Away!