Sunday, 15 July 2012

Unicorn party

 So Philly's unicorn party finally arrived. It was perfect in that she seemed to enjoy it all. She was very excited that today she was the birthday girl and not just a girl attending a birthday. We glittered wooden unicorns, blew bubbles, played pass the parcel and finished with a game of pin the horn on the unicorn and at the very end everyone was asleep very fast even with the excitement of visitors.

Every time she noticed or heard that I wanted to take a photo of her she would run and hide under the table so the picture that I wanted to show you of her new birthday dress was very hard to come by. She loved the way it looked like a flower when she spun on the trampoline but has made me promise that the next dress will be pink. I think for that I will actually have to buy fabric instead of raiding the stash.

 These are the unicorn horns.(chocolate coated, glitter covered ice cream cones) I made one for each child to serve with the cake after my three had long discussions over who would get to eat the one attached to the cake.
 Yellow macarons.
 Pink macarons
Happy birthday baby girl.

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