Sunday, 1 July 2012

Rainbows and lolly pops

I have to warn you that party season has started around here. Today was my nieces rainbow party, in a fortnight it will be my daughters unicorn party then a few weeks after it will be my boys- who are thinking they want something scary. Mine is in the middle somewhere but it does not require any preparation. So all crafting has been set aside- aside from the birthday dress (I just have sleeves and a hem to go).

Here was my contributions to the rainbow party (thankyou very much to pinterest.)
Rainbow biscuits
These are fun to make if time consuming. I found them at goodlifeeats. The kids love them and they are good in they look pretty without icing.

My inspiration for these was found at danamadeit. I think fruit loops over here are a bit different the colours were not as vibrant as I expected. These were the least popular dish at the party. I think they were disgusting- but I also think fruit loops are disgusting so figured I was no judge. They did however look very rainbow :-)

Rainbow fudge. This one was from over at raspberricupcakes (oh I love her stuff). This was yummy but made a giant supply. It looks really fake and I couldn't manage to get the same shape as the original but oh well.

These cakepops look suitably right. Pretty huh?

There are my original gingerbread biscuits. They were my favourites. So glittery, not rainbow but right :-)

These are cupcakes that looked adorable. I don't know where they are from originally but you find pictures of them all over the place. Definitely worth the work.

Do you like my rainbow feast?


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  2. You have put together a great spread! I love the rainbow cupcakes and cloud/raindrop biscuits.