Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sunsuit wonder

 I have had so little time to sew since before Easter, it has been great to finally get back into it. I can feel a splurge coming on, I think I will have quite a few projects going in the not to distant future...

 My sister tempted me to try a submission for the new one-yard- wonders, it is all about projects for kids and somehow I found enough time to try. I have reworked an earlier project and I think it now looks really stylish. The photos did not come out so well but it was a cold and miserable day and I did not want my little one to get to cold (she already had one without being cold as well).

The original is on the right and the reworked version on the left. My original is shirred very low and really lets you see the little jelly bean tummy, I have raised that up and it really makes her look taller.

My other major change is the shoulder straps. I lengthened them and added elastic which has had a dramatic difference for Philly as she is now able to dress herself. I also think it makes it look more professional. I've got my fingers crossed now, who knows :-).

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