Saturday, 31 March 2012


So I am getting ready for Easter this year by baking and decorating given that sewing is off my list of things to do currently. I must say I am excited by what I have made, I don't usually bake at Easter but this year we are having an Easter egg hunt at our house so I have taken this as permission to try a few things.

So firstly I was eyeing the Easter m&m's at the shops when I came across this idea and took it as a sign. I do think they are very cute but had given my hands big cramps by the time I finished an entire packet of them.

I then came across this idea to make nests (dip spoons in chocolate and cover in sprinkles). My role in these was to provide the ingredients and then my 3 year old daughter did the rest so it is incredibly simple and very rewarding for all.

I love making macarons and since I came across these I have been wanting an excuse to try them. I used my own recipe and only copied the shape but oh they are adorable. I think if I make them again I will put them on pop stick but other than that I think they are perfect.

My final Easter baking adventure has been these little lovelies. I have never tried royal icing before but have had a lot of fun trying and experimenting. My sheep does look a lot more like a hedgehog than a sheep but that was because I did not have a sheep cutter and had to make do with a pig one. My lovely husband has declared it looks like a sheep to him so I am somewhat mollified. The original lamb I copied shows much better technique than mine but I will be content. The little chick looks more like it is supposed to and en mass I think they hit the mark.

I think that will wrap up my Easter baking this year because when I then add chocolate there is a lot of sweetness to go round :-). 


  1. Amazing Bella! They look so good!

  2. Hi Bell,

    This is Kellie from the Creative Collective ~ wondering if you can shoot me an email. I can't find a way to get in contact with you.