Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New Pajamas

You can tell it's really starting to get cold now, I just finished my second set of pj.s for the year. I bought the flannelette ages ago and came across it the other time just when I was thinking it was time to go any buy some for the boys for winter. Yay for luck...

Jasper has always been a fan of sharks so this was the perfect fabric for him. I found a great Enid Gilchrist pattern for the pants which as always worked perfectly. The tops however I tried a new pattern for from Sewing Clothes Kids Love. This is the Imke top. I quite like it but think I would add some extra length to the arms and the body (about an inch) next time.

This is Darwins version who adores bugs at the moment so I added an ant for him.

Overall very successful I think. The boys had a pyjama day today as they did not want to take them off. So far we have worn them for more than 24 hours straight so a success I think.

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