Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Strawberry pinafore

So the other day I had a strawberry bag, this is the main event, the pinafore that goes with it. We are now all ready for Easter I just need to resist putting it on before then...

I recently received an Enid Gilchrist pattern book from my lovely sister and this is my first delve into it. Her patterns really are lovely if a little more work than usual- it's the drafting I really understand why I needed maths at school. My only issue with this pattern was the length which was easily rectified.

I would have included a photo with the little bag but for some reason it was very important for Philly to look like an owl so another owl would recognise her if she was seen. Something I did not know is owls must have their thumbs is their ears- who knew?

I also changed the back a little so it has only 3 buttons and then joins together instead of being open the whole way down.

1 comment:

  1. This owl pinafore is gorgeous and will look fab as a set with the bag. Great job on drafting the pattern!!!