Thursday, 8 March 2012

Strawberry bag

For Easter this year I have made my little darling a pinafore out of strawberry fabric, when I get the buttons on it and convince her to try it on I will show it but in the meantime...

So I had a little fabric left over and didn't want to let it go to waste ans what sweet little pinafore does not need a matching hand bag :-) I was going to add leaves on the handles but I really think the contrast was enough.

 I am having a go at making a proper bigger project tutorial because I can and it is I think it's a worth while project.

So you need to cut the following:

 2  lots of 10 1/2 inch by 2 inch strips for next to the zipper (Green fabric)
2 lots of 11 1/2 inch by 2 1/2 inch strips for the handles (Green fabric)
1 lot of 11 1/2 inch by 3 inch for lower outside rim (Red fabric)
2 strawberry shapes. (Red fabric)
You also need 1 green 10 inch zipper

The strawberry shape pattern I used is below. The width should measure 7 1/4 inches and the depth 6 inches.

 Serge the edge of the zipper strips that are going to go next to the zipper. With the first fold back 1/4 inch and pin to zipper. Sew, then repeat with other side.

 Attach the zipper panel right side together with the lower outside rim and serge.

Finally on right side top stitch seam down away from the zipper panel. Repeat at other end to form a circle. Set aside.

 For the handles fold each in half lengthways right sides together and sew down the long edge. Turn right side out and press.

On the zipper panel measure 3 inches from the lower outside rim join, pin the handle here with seam facing toward the right side of the panel. Pin the other end of the same strap on the same side 3 inches from the other end. Repeat with other handle.

Then pin the strawberry shape to the circle right sides together with handles sandwiched between. Sew then serge. Repeat with other side (before sewing ensure your zipper is open so you can turn the bag right side out.

 Finally topstitch towards strawberry shape for added strength.
Enjoy your adorable little strawberry.


  1. What a fabulous bag!!! Love the strawberry shape and the colours!!! Thanks for linking up. I look forward to seeing more of your creativity.