Monday, 13 February 2012

Raging along again.

So I finally have time to rag along again which I have been enjoying. I love standing on it, it feels so comfortable and cuddly and substantial, I don't think any of my sewing has felt quite like it before.

Milestones seem to be quite slow with it as well though, first only a kids foot would fit and then I could get my feet on it, then my husbands. I think it looks quite large in this picture but I find perspective is important so...

In situ. it does still have a long way to go. I think at the moment if I was in need of a naughty spot it would be perfect. It is also looking like a sun currently and will only get more so when I add the red which it all torn up and waiting. What I am looking forward to seeing is when it gets blues and greens because that should be quite a transformation.

I am also showing off my boys sewing. They sewed around Australia and the border of these tea towels as a Christmas present for their grandmother. She then entered them in the local show and they won first and second, my clever little lads.


  1. That's looking FABULOUS! Maybe I should start mine...

  2. I really do like it too. I just have to work out how I will make it non-slip on the slate...

  3. Love those bright colours it looks amazing. To make it non slip why not have a look at your local rug store, they sell these non slip squares, you could maybe attach a small portion onto the back. Mm didnt explain that well but Im sure you know what I mean if you find the non slip mats in the packets.