Sunday, 5 February 2012

Almost there.

I have been in a complete tiz this evening. I could not find the cable to connect the camera to the computer. Normally this would be frustrating but tomorrow is the long awaited day. My little lads first day of school, you can understand my urgency of that cord so many people awaiting instant details (well they would really all get by but I would feel like a bad mother...

Crisis has been averted however. I found the cord where I first looked for it and where a checked again twice more to be quite sure. The last time was just to really really make sure. So in this case 4 times is the charm.

I recently found out the deadline for my show entry is the 19th of February so all other projects are on hold whilst my little dress is completed. I have almost finished the embroidery now which was the bit worrying me. Just need to add some trailing vines and leaves and I will feel back under control. I also just realised I may not get to use Mum's sewing machine for my button holes (I always use it as it is so easy) eek. Just when I think things are under control again... 

I am happy with how it is looking though all dainty and floral.

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  1. Oh my giddy aunt, how talented are you!!! that is just gorgeous.