Thursday, 4 September 2014

The school disco skirt

It is our school disco tonight and our house is becoming a hive of excitement. While the kids are away at school today I decided I was going to do some sewing to make it just that little bit more exciting when they get home. And I present to you my school disco skirt.

 I started off thinking that a full circle skirt would be great for all that spinning you need to do when you are still in kindergarten. Then I followed up that thought with the icing skirt that has been floating around in PDF world.

Now I don't actually have the pattern but was pretty sure I could work it out with a trusty roll of fishing line handy. I think it would technically have more layers of frills inside but I didn't want to go too over the top considering this was a spur of the moment fast sew. But oh look at that beautiful froth, it worked so sew beautifully. I can't wait for her to get home now. Patience is not one of my virtues. (I am finding it very difficult not telling my sisters what I have bought them for Christmas- why am I organised?)

I chose to go with butterflies as spring has just began here and it seemed topical as well as pretty. It is a very thin fabric so it takes on a bit of the orange from the frills beneath. I think there may be some more of these in the weeks to come as friends birthday presents.

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  1. Looks lovely - bet she's loving twirling in it. On the present thing, I have your already too. Maybe we should just cave and open them already!