Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Greenback Wallet my style.

I been having some sewing withdrawals lately so I have been having a splurge on my sewing again. This is my version of the sew sweetness Greenback wallet. I have been living with a broken zipper in my wallet for months as a spur to get myself to make this and now I am very excited. This is the largest of the three options to I can fit cards, coins, notes and even my phone inside. 

I changed the original pattern to take away the accordion divider in the middle. Instead I made the coin pouch a little larger so it stretches across both sides and placed it over one of the credit card slots, sewing it around three sides. That made a slot for notes. I really like being able to open it flat everything is just so accessible. One change I will make if doing it again is I will put the card slots another 1/4 of an inch towards the center to be able to fully use the edge most card slots.

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