Thursday, 12 June 2014

My little one yard wonder

Those of you who have been following me along on my sewing journey may remember a long, long time ago back in April 2012, that I submitted a pattern and it was accepted in a book called Little One Yard Wonders. Well it has been published. I have been rather excited even though I have not seen a copy yet (It's in the post). Here's a look at the cover.

It looks so lovely. I can't wait to see the real thing.

This is the sunsuit that I submitted. You can tell how time has flown by how big my little poppet has become now. I think I may have even gotten better at taking photos since then.
Even though I have not seen the book in person yet I have seen some photo's and I am allowed to share them. After I made up a sample and sent it off it was photographed by Julie Toy and here are a couple of photos that appear in the book (I'm indefinitely not that good at taking photo's):

 Here's my little shirred sunsuit. I am still proud of it. It was such a great concept I am thinking of making another one but maybe not for my little girl who is a bit on the old side now...

Here's the other beautiful photo. Oh it's good to see something come to fruition isn't it.

And so with much excitement I am going to run my first ever giveaway. If you want to win a copy of the book Little One Yard Wonders courtesy of Storey Publishing here goes...
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck


  1. How exciting, Bella!!! Congratulations!!! I'd love to win a copy, just so I could say, I know the girl who made this gorgeous shirred sunsuit. And because I know there'd be lots of other fabulous clothes that I could make for the little people in my life.

  2. Oh how sweet! I would love to make this sun suit for at least one of my five grand daughters!!! and just on the cover alone several other things look very interesting. Congrats on being in this book. Quite an accomplishment! :)

  3. I have one of the one yard wonders books and it's a great book--would love one for my kiddos!

  4. i like to have the book, so i can make this suit for my girls

  5. I love the one yard wonders books! I'd love to hear how you submitted a project too, that is so cool.

  6. Hi!
    Just popping by to say hello to a fellow LOYW contributor, my book just arrived this afternoon, so I haven't had chance to blog about it yet. Loving all the cute patterns!

    1. Feeling jealous, I haven't seen it yet, just my pictures...