Saturday, 19 April 2014

Royal Easter Show.

So I have been entering my sewing and cooking in the local Agricultural show since I was 5. At that time I entered one handkerchief and prune and date creams (you cut the dried fruit in half then make a sausage out of marzipan and place it in the cut.) 

A couple of years ago I started entering again at the Canberra Show a little larger than my experiences growing up and then last year I tried the Royal Easter Show. The big one. I have always wanted to give it a try, in my mind I have always wanted my sewing to be as good as my Mums and she used to enter and do well there.  I got a highly commended last year for my unattractive brown dress and have been crossing my fingers that this year I could do better. 

We went to the Show on Good Friday and do you want to see it?

I know it isn't the best picture, it is really hard to get a good photo of something inside a glass case. But drum roll little blue ribbon.

That is one, one day goal achieved.

Here it is so you can see some of the competition.

I did enter the dress that I entered in Canberra Show also and it came away with a not to be sniffed at 3rd prize It was in the general sewing section and interestingly 1st, 2nd and 3rd all had smocking on them..

 And here I am with the sewing section. I don't often get photographed but it was really one of those occasions that you want to remember.

And one more time, my beautiful flower girl dress when it was in action.

See you next time.