Monday, 6 May 2013

Tartan and lace.

So ages and ages ago I got some tartan from a remnants bin sure it would make something cute. It really did though the tartan is hard to see in my photo's.

I am a fan of tartan paired with lace, so here is another pair of winter pants with some peek-a-boo lace at the cuffs and on the pocket. I have not decided for sure weather it was inspired that will be proved when I see if they spend all the time dirty from being so close to the ground...

Such cuteness, my little lady was a little concerned when I made them that they were not very pretty but has since been persuaded by Daddy and myself that the lace means they are, somehow I got away with that (no pastels or sparkles and we are both content...

They look different from up so high.

And they work well on the swing (I don't think I have made something yet that does not.)

And to chase us both inside look at this spectacular specimen that was planning to take up residence on the wood pile. Daddy has made sure its home is somewhere else...

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