Sunday, 14 April 2013

Gecko Pants.

OK These were by special request, can you tell? I have been going through my pinterest boards and using them to make something I like. This time I wanted to make 

These pants. They are by Gail from Probably Actually. I wanted to make them just like they are. I really love the hedgehog but my daughter was having none of it. I showed her before I started and she declared that she liked them but would love them if they had reptiles instead. Daddy took her to the reptile zoo a couple of weeks ago...

My pocket is supersized. I made one once before and though I loved the look it was only just possible to squeeze a hand inside. This time I may have gone a little far in the other direction but there is definitely space for treasures and it does not look silly... It makes thing interesting to sew without a pattern.

I started the pants with two geckos but it seems my little designer thought I got it wrong, there was not enough green in my first gecko so number three crept in there. I am not sure on the whole if I will try putting geckos on something again as that is a lot of toes to try and keep neat but I have to agree that they are very cute.

So over all the two of us are very happy with the results, we stash busted, Pinterest busted and designed to request and have a truly unique pair of pants, bring on winter...

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  1. these look great! i love the geckos - whatever makes 'em happy, right? very cute :)