Thursday, 8 November 2012


SO I have decided to make an etsy store of my own. I started it around a month ago officially but I really do struggle with my shyness sometimes... It has been a long time in the making. The skirts and shorts that I love to make I hope to share with others. I am not really very good at self promotion but here you have it the nisabell neccessary etsy store.

I have some lovely pleat ruffle shorts.

And some sweet pleat ruffle skirts.

Who knows how well I will go in this endeavour, please come by and have a look. 

If any one of my lovely readers is tempted to buy if you use the coupon code OPENING you will receive 15% off.


  1. The pleats really make these outfits, Bella... gorgeous!!! All the best with the Etsy store.

  2. I passed on your store details to my twitter peeps. Those pleats are a precious detail--love them!