Tuesday, 25 September 2012

I've been distracted

It's been a long while since I've posted. I have been sewing still but the weather has turned warm and I have been enticed outside. All those beautiful blossoms have our garden buzzing with the bees from the wild hive in the back of the garden shed. 
The kids were invited to a bubble party and after Jasper requested to get dressed as a bubble. Dad suggested we could achieve it by dressing in bubble wrap. It was a little difficult to sew but they looked so cute don't you think? 

I think the next time I attempt to sew it (what next time you ask, not sure I answer but at least I will be prepared.) I need to remember to encase it like jam in a sandwich with fabric to help its journey through the machine.

My three bubbleified children.

I am unsure why we needed a beard but but I think he looked like a super hero Pharaoh (and it made him very happy and who can argue with that).

I also tried scallops on the bottom of shorts, despite the look on her face Philly likes these. I actually remembered to take a photo before washing them. Unalike my other projects.
Such sweet scallops. Once again I lined them with a different colour this time pink to match the pocket lining. I am starting to have to include pink in every project for Philly or she makes comments like "Mummy I need to go choose some cotton (fabric) next time"

We are definitely loving spring somehow our bulbs seem to have multiplied since last year:-)


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  1. Oh you are one cool Mama! Lucky kids! I have a little red-headed boy too...<3