Sunday, 22 January 2012

Smocking- a history of mine

 So I was thinking of doing how smocking has gone for me. This was the first I finished. I had started another before this but this was the first completed. It was when I thought if I don't start smocking now my little girl will be to old to wear a smocked dress. And yes she chooses to wear white in the dirt but it washed...

This was her second birthday dress, very traditional but I needed to change the pattern so there were no bullions as then I could not do them.
 This one is a very pretty experimental on I tried, it needs some adjustment but was beautiful the first couple of times it was worn until it began to sag, I still need to get back to the logistics of this one.

 I made this little lovely for my nieces christening, by far the easiest I have attempted but pretty none the less.

 After this one I have sworn no more picture smocking. I like the results but did not enjoy the making one bit!!!!
 This is just a pretty little one.

And finally this years Christmas extravaganza, two girls, one pattern very nice.

Believe it or not I have done four more that I have not got around to documenting yet though my littlelest does love wearing them. Probably too much smocking for one little girl but I find myself addicted...

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