Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Show sewing

So ages and ages ago I entered the Sydney Royal Easter Show. I know I told you about my dress but I never showed it to you and finally it has arrived back from the show. 

Please excuse the headband after trying it on and thinking it did not look that great little miss decided it did so needless to say it stayed.


It is very brown as requested and has scallops as most things I do at the moment have.

The back has a traditional huge bow and orange buttons.

Do you remember my triple sleeve?
 The bottom one of mine does not really twist and it does look quite good. I am thinking of making the top again but turning it into a jacket a la Elizabeth ( probably a different bottom considering I will not be catering for a chest)

There it is looking a little like it will fly away.

Here is my award. Must say a highly commended feels much more impressive when you get a felt ribbon to go with it. I can not really explain but growing up competing in agricultural shows it was achievement to get felt over cardboard. So I am definitely smiling and next year? We will see.

 So here is my beautiful darling in her brown dress. I think it suits this season, very autumnal (I will have to remember that about brown).

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