Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pride and Prejudice.

I've been quiet for a long while now cyber world but I have not been so quiet at home with sewing. I have made new pyjama tops for the boys, created an entry for the Canberra Show and for the Sydney Royal show, sewn curtains for the schools quiet room none of which I have had the time to show you. All of this has been happening as I organise starting to work again and researching a holiday. I don't know if I will get up to catching you up on all of those projects but the following will be a first for me.

I have been designing again but this time I plan to turn it into a pattern for my etsy store. I am almost finished, I just need to upload my pattern pieces and discover how to pdf. Fingers crossed. But in the meantime here is a sneak peek...

The first time I tried to make it for my 4 year old it ended up as the perfect fit for my 8 year old niece, now however it works a bit better for 4 year olds as well :-).

Very puffy, soft, pretty top.

It has elastic at the back neckline to help it hold in place and the waist has a ribbon that pulls it in to fit.

Today was this new dresses first outing. She took her puggle (her baby echidna toy) to the preschool Teddy bears picnic. She felt beautiful as she told me many times which I think is the sign of a good dress :-)

Hope to be back sooner next time.


  1. Gorgeous Bella! Feeling beautiful is definitely the sign of a great dress!

  2. Beautiful, I would love to be a tester for this beauty. My Miss 4 1/2 would love it and my Miss 2 1/2 would look adorable too. Nicole Beveridge. ( Thanks

  3. I think your dress is gorgeous!! I have a 5yo daughter who would love a new dress and look beautiful in it too..
    I'd love to test your pattern.

  4. A super sweet little dress, and definitely Pride and Prejudice style. I'd be happy to test the pattern for you.

  5. A beautiful girl in a beautiful dress! Happy to help out with pattern testing (size 7). My email is
    Thanks Sam

  6. Love it!! Would e happy to pattern test email is

  7. I would love to test if for you if you still need some testers... my email is

  8. Oh i would love to test this if it comes in a size 2 or 3

    1. Hi Cassandra, I tried to send you my pattern but I think it bounced back?

  9. I'm looking forward to taking you all up on your offers to help. I will send it to you all in a couple of days, thank you so much.

  10. that blue one is sooooooo beautiful and classical. They are both amazing! Can I order them? LOL I would kill for the pattern (and then to be able to con my MIL to make them for me and my girls hahaha). You are so amazingly clever!

  11. if you could please send me the pattern in sizes 7 and 9, I would love to have a go making it

  12. Adorable dress. Could you please forward me the pattern for 2 and 3 year old?