Monday, 15 October 2012

Spring pants

I made some new pants for spring. I am usually making skirts and we do have a lot but I wanted to have something a little warmer. I discovered some embossed cotton when shopping at Spotlight with my sister and I got 3 different patterns. This is the first one I have used and I am not sure that it does not look a little like pajamas? Philly thinks I could have used better fabric- there is too much white, her least favourite colour in all the world.

If you look really hard your can see my pockets.  I love them though they are invisible pattern on same pattern. I want to try them again very soon using different fabrics. I have to stop sewing for a little bit until I go shopping for more elastic but then there will be no holding me back :-)

She required bribing today-a rice cake.

The adorable baby jelly bean look- I don't know how much longer that look will last...

She slowly started to warm up for me.

She decided she could practice ballet so I got an outside concert.

Simple little Enid Gilchrist pants really but the flowers really make them feel like spring and this warm weather needs celebrating.

And she's off, see you all later :-).


  1. Oh my goodness! Whata sweet model she was! Those are some cute pants too!