Thursday, 11 October 2012

Butterfly skirt

My boys have been invited to a butterfly birthday party next week and I stumbled across this skirt. How could I not make it? It looks unassuming when in it's wrapped up form.

And then she can unfurl her wings. Da Dah!

The back has a cute pleated look. Just hinting that it is not a simple skirt.

I chose to use one button to hold it together rather than the velcro in the original. I think a 6 year old is old enough to use a button and they tend to be stronger than velcro and it won't catch on the fabric.

It attaches down the back middle of the skirt and has little loops to hold in on the fingers. The instructions were a little sparse but I actually enjoyed that. The essentials were there but I was left to make up the details like I usually do anyway. I can't wait to see it on the birthday girl, one of my boys modelled it under sufferance but I would not be cruel enough to take a photo of him like that. I just hope a 6 year old boy is similar to a 6 year old girl :-). I think it looks lovely and am very happy with it.


  1. Its lovely .. I want to see snaps of it being worn too ;)

  2. Lovely! Do you have a pattern for this skirt? May I purchase a copy?

    1. Hi Carmen, it really is a lovely pattern. And each aspect is free though you will have to draft it from instructions.

      The butterfly part came from this website:

      It is probably worth checking out her latest variation (I think it is lovely :-) )

      I used my pattern for the underskirt which you can find here:

      Hope this helps, Bell