Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fab folds finished!

It's the last day of September so my fab folds is due.

 I finished! Yay!!! It could look a little better if I was able to find a thicker journal to place inside the cover but I can take care of that before I give it to her in January. I even remembered the ribbon to mark the page.
 The personalised spine I really like.

 On the back you can see how the pleating looks underneath.

Up close on the beading. So many flowers, I was beginning to get fast at them by the end. There is some little part of me that likes repetitive tasks, they go really well with watching tv :-)

 Just for some perspective the finished journal is 14cm by 9cm.

 I am very happy with it and am glad I will get to give it to her in person, this is one present I don't want to trust to the postal system. I am also glad it is finished, I can start on something else now and not have it lurking at the back of my mind going "finish me, finish me, finish me".


  1. This is without doubt, the best journal cover I have ever seen. The combination of smocking and flowers is just so striking!!!

  2. How awesome!!! It's truly a lovey piece of art. Thanks so much for participating in my challenge! I'm working on a feature/voting page that will be posted tomorrow.

  3. Congratulations Miss Bella! You've won the silver prize for your entry in the Fab Folds contest! Thanks you so much for participating in my challenge. You brought a lot of talent to our table. Don't be stranger.

  4. Very Creative! I will have to keep this in mind for when I would like to make a book cover and if you ever find the directions let us know a 1989 copy is not easy to find :^)

    1. Thank you Nanette. I love these book covers and so has everyone I have given one to. I hope if you try it you love it as much as me (feel free to message me if you get stuck.) The pattern books are still for sale here :
      Good luck