Thursday, 1 March 2012

Camping - Doll sleeping bags

Today we went camping. Not me personally but all of the dolls in our house. It has been raining for two days straight now and I am becoming very well acquainted with the dolls. Yesterday the dolls needed a swimming pool as there are three mermaids in there number. Today the order was not for a tent, there are so many dolls they opted for sleeping under the stars (it is not raining indoors yet). However they did need sleeping bags. 

Having just finished making a onesie for one of the boys we had a lot of scraps to make them with. So here is how making a sleeping bag for dolls goes.

Step one measure doll height, double. Measure doll width, add half an inch.
Cut with a curve at one end.

Fold unevenly. Does the doll fit? 

If so, sew.

Fairies do seem to need some extra width to fit their wings but they work also. Polar fleece worked better because I could leave some edges raw but Tinkerbell really needed a green one (evidently it's her favorite colour.)

This was the result of our wet afternoon. 

Or at least it was until the boys got home from school and decided that we needed many, many more. Evidently all toys like camping :-)

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