Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Today was the great shoe day, for my little lads these were our first pair of school shoes. I think that I cared much more than they did. They are now neatly labelled inside the school bag ready for that 1st day which is just 18 days away. The daily count down is much more exciting than the shoes were.

Our other shoe purchase was our first pair of ballet shoes and here my level of excitement was much outstripped. The sales lady got our little one to stand on her tippy toes in front of the mirror, to point her toes (during which she almost fell over) and run like a fairy. If lessons are anywhere near and joy filled as the anticipation we are in for a lovely year. 

I have been hounded since we got home to sew elastic on and have agreed so all will be in  readiness to show daddy when he arrives- little does he know what awaits him. On putting her shoes away again in their little plastic bag I realised I have another project around the corner, we need (it is essential really) a ballet bag. As soon as inspiration hits be ready for a snug home for those precious new shoes.

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