Tuesday, 24 January 2012


So I decided yesterday that I really want a rag rug in the garden room. We are getting a new lounge that is teal and I didn't want it to be the only bright thing in the room and I have been oogaling this rainbow rug for quite some time now and thought why not... So I took my three boisterous children to the local quiet op-shop and bought myself what I did think was a lot of t-shirts.

You can tell how far a single shirt goes by the yellow in middle. I think we are going to have to ruin the peace again or the rug will be considerably smaller than I had planned. Also noticing a new group of rag-a-long rug creaters helped me say now is the time. I have a feeling it will take me longer to make this one than it will take for the couch to arrive (it's due the end of February).

I have encountered my first glitches, the rug I wish to emulate is not big on details so it is up to me to muddle along. They had trouble with sewing it together before eventually zig zaging it on the sewing machine. I can not even fit the plated fabric under the foot of my sewing machine so I have commenced hand sewing it. Now if I only could keep up the momentum but I really must also do my show smocking project... I may be slightly overcommitted by craftiness :-)

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